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Star City Hub is a pan-African e-commerce platform. The company was founded in the United States by the CEO(s) who ere African-Americans. They were listed as the first to own an e-market place that utilises the 360 hype market sales booster concept. The company's platform consists of a marketplace that runs an affiliate program and an international skillset & global certification programs in entrepreneurship. It offers an opportunity for sellers to connect with consumers. And merchants interested in drop shipping an opportunity to enjoy good profits.

The company's payment service facilitates transactions among participants active on its platform in selected markets. Star City Hub generates revenue from Sales of goods, Commissions, Fulfillment, Value-added services, Marketing & Advertisement, and trainings .

Its geographical segments are West Africa, North Africa, East & South Africa, America, Europe and United Arab Emirates. Contact Information Website www.starcityhub.com Primary Industry Internet Retail and educational exchange programmes

About the Co-founder

Nwogbo Barrett ,the co-founder and MD of STARCITYHUB, an e-commerce marketplace with a wide range of products, has successfully combined the features of Amazon and eBay to this emerging platform, with extra opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

He is an African-American entrepreneur, a Msc. holder in Statistics and international Business Administration, and currently a PhD student with Harvard University, United States.

Before the foundation of StarCity Hub, all market place in the digital economy are focused on buyers, but Barrett has finally realized the usefulness of giving special concern to sellers, influencers, and investors. It’s an idea that “everyone should profit” from the platform.

From his wealth of experience he has observed the need that customers associate with the purchase and distribution of their products in a friendly and flexible way. He has finally made people addicted with purchasing of goods online; so get ready to be addicted.


Our vision is to position people for a global opportunity in entrepreneurship. And to give brands and individuals access to a market place were they can grow their business, and network with like minds using a new concept technology, and to have them empowered to empower others through global certification in entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to introduce an esteem system of providing a unique and, internationally recognized certification in educational exchange programmes, which will be achieved through an e-comerce market place where, new model concepts with facilities for trading, and bringing good profit through high quality services to global stakeholders and customers.

Why starCity Hub is different

STARCITYHUB utilises a new concept marketing technology called, 360 hype market omini sales booster in accelerating sales both offline and online.

STARCITYHUB gives opportunities to members to buy products from their platform at wholesale prices. Meaning members buy direct from the manufacturers.

STARCITYHUB sells the products, while members buy at wholesale price, and sells at retail price to consumers all over the world.

STARCITYHUB pays members every day using a trading cycles with free products to member influencers.

STARCITYHUB does all the selling for you and brings back your trading capital and profit at the end of every trade cycle days.

STARCITYHUB you can withdraw both your capital and your profits at any time your trading is completed.

IN STARCITYHUB there is no autoship. You only pay once and earn forever.