Star City Hub e-commerce, allows you as a member of her community or as a subscriber to buy and own an online space

By simply registering, you qualify and gain access to being assisted in purchasing products directly from manufacturers at a wholesale price of 55% less than the retail price from the wholesalers on online and offline channels

It doesn't end there!

These products bought at wholesale prices are then featured on Star City e-commerce at 100% retail price and would be sold for you by the company.

Each time sales are made you earn between 3% to 30% profit.

As you cycle out from a board You are automatically recommitted to another trading board without referring anyone and you enjoy earnings continually!

Nevertheless, the company also gives you another option of shipping the products to you if you choose not to sell the products on Star City Hub Trading platform!

In a situation whereby the products are sold for you by the company, your profit after tax deductions plus your trading capital will be automatically credited to your account.

The profit after tax of each trade cycle is 6% of your total investment
(plus trading capital).

However, to trade on Star City Hub would require two things; your skill sets training registration and your trading capital.

This avails you an opportunity to start saving for international trainings.
You can only attend trainings at the end of every trading session.

Your trading capital will be refunded back to you when you choose to discontinue trading.